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Wedding Venues

Wedding Venues

All the time I asked what I think about this venue or that. And for the most part, they're all very good. But here is a brief rundown on what I think of when discussing the many wedding venues in Windsor Ontario.

I love the Ciociaro Club of Windsor. Period. This club has many halls to accomodate your party regardless of size. The service is always great, and the place is clean. I get excited when realizing my next wedding will be at the Ciociaro Club because there is some real magic to be had there. Most people take advantage of the stairs and the fountain in the main entrance and do their portraits there. I especially appreciate shooting in and around those stairs at night. It really pops, and there isn’t another venue from here to Toronto that can give you that effect. It’s a real beauty for sure.

Contact them here.   

I find myself photographing a wedding at Fogolar Furlan Club more than anywhere else. I know it very well. As with the Ciociaro Club there are many different halls available to accommodate your party regardless of size. The staff at Fogolar are always good, and I’ve never had a bad meal there. Often, my couples take advantage of the outoor patio and have their wedding ceremony right onsite.  They have some other outdoor locations that I use when doing my formal portraits. I like Fogolar Furlan very much. Visit their website here.

For whatever reason, I don’t find myself at the Caboto Club often. Once or twice a year I photograph a wedding (reception) there. Again, the club has many halls of various size so you know they’ll be able to take care of you. I like the Caboto Club and am very familiar with it. Most amateur photographers like to use the staircase for their wedding portraits but I disagree.. and I never do it. Just not a fan. Of course they serve a purpose… to get people to the upper level, but it’s not where I want to photograph my clients. They do have a bit of a hidden gem however, the Library…. is one of my favorite spots in the city. The classic upscale decor is nice and private so your bridal party and I can have some fun, and get some really nice images. To contact the Caboto Club click here.

The Water’s Edge Event Centre is one of my favorite locations. It’s beautiful there. Converted from an old church to an open hall, they’ve definitely done things right. Most times, my couples use the Waters Edge for both their ceremony as well the reception. It’s very nice. I’ve heard of photographers shooting from the balcony, but that’s not for me. Being on the main floor captures all the architecture just fine. It’s a great place!. One of the feature shots after a wedding is the staircase image. In this image our bridal party along with the entire guest list joins us outfront for a photo opportunity.  It’s very nice when done correctly. Be sure to see the images in my gallery of the Water’s Edge.  To contact the Water’s Edge Event Centre click here.

I find everything goes in cycles. I haven’t been to the Ambassador Golf Club in years. But I love it there. Just a few years back I found myself there almost every other weekend. I’m sure it’s still a booked each weekend as it is a great venue to house your wedding. I’ve photographed wedding ceremonies both indoors and outdoors here. It’s a very versatile venue. My personal highlight of this club is to headout during the “golden hour” or “blue hour” to photograph some really nice memorable and unique portraits.  To contact the Ambassador Golf Club please click here.

The Essex Golf and Country club is a special place. This private club definitely does it right. The main hall is beautiful and open, allowing lots of natural light while housing lots of antique chandeliers. The other hall is a bit smaller for a large group but just as beautiful. And of course, it’s a golf course! Anytime I can get out on a course to photograph my couple…. I’m in! Love the Essex Golf and Country Club. To contact them, please click here.

Mastronardi Estates Winery is a beautiful venue. I get to photograph there a couple of times a year. Usually, couples using the winery for their reception will also have their ceremony there. (outdoors) The grounds are perfect for wedding pictures. Some of my favorite iconic wedding photos were taken here. Inside the venue is immaculate, and spacious. Often when it day turns to night, they open the sides (don’t know what they’re called lol) and allow some of that nice night air inside.  It truly is a great venue! To learn more about Mastronardi Estates Winery click here.

Sprucewood Shores Winery is a special place. I love photographing here. I’ve photographed many outdoor ceremonies down by the lake here. Receptions call folks to come indoors to take advantage of the beautiful decor. It really is that nice. And if you get a chance, be sure to check out the “barrel room”. I’ve photographed alot of iconic images down there. To contact Sprucewood Shores Winery click here.

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