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Why should I be your wedding photographer? Because I will create images that you will love, print, and hang on the walls in your home. These images will remind you of your love, and the celebration of love around you. That’s powerful stuff. You’ll learn that I have this innate ability to quickly build trust with you, knowing that I’ll protect you both physically and photographically. The 14 years of experience shooting 25+ weddings each year has taught me to anticipate and foresee situations, allowing us to adjust and avoid stress. My wedding photography experience has taught me time management, which is helpful to keep everyone at ease when your Auntie thinks your hair and makeup is taking too long.
Planning a wedding is a process. But most of my past bride and grooms have leaned on me as a sort of advocate, listening to your ideas and tweaking them with you to make them even better. Through the wedding planning process, you will learn to trust me. We become family. And that’s likely what I like best about wedding photography. For me, each weekend I see the love that you share for your spouse and your family. But I also feel the love from your family and guests when they appreciate my calm demeanour. When they see my hard work. They haven’t seen any of the images yet, but they surely love what I’ve done. Weddings are stressful and often overwhelming. I’m there to capture your moments but I also feel I am responsible for ensuring you have a great time on your day!.

You should hire me as your wedding photographer because indeed talk is cheap. Anyone can say anything, especially when bragging about how good they are. But no wedding photographer in the Windsor-Essex County area has 60 5 Star Google Business Reviews from a past bride and groom confirming that hiring me as their wedding photographer made the difference. Those reviews confirm that my wedding couples to receive the Ultimate Wedding Photography Experience. I firmly believe great wedding photography is about so much more than just great images. It’s all those little things that I do. And this is why you should hire me to photograph your wedding!.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/2″ p_top=”170″ p_bottom=”170″ p_left=”12%” p_right=”12%”][wbc_heading tag=”h2″ align=”center” title=”WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY” font_size=”16″ color=”#5e5e5e”][wbc_heading tag=”h2″ heading_style=”heading-3″ align=”center” title=”FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS” font_size=”45″ m_bottom=”0″][wbc_heading tag=”h1″ align=”center” title=”THE WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS” font_size=”20″ color=”#5e5e5e”][wbc_hr height=”4″ width=”70″ m_left=”auto” m_right=”auto” m_bottom=”60″][vc_column_text]Below are some of my most popular wedding photography frequently asked questions. Hopefully, I answer them in enough detail for you, however, if you need more clarity, OR would like to ask another question that maybe I missed…. email me here:[/vc_column_text][vcmp_afaq][vcmp_afaq_content vcmp_faq_title=”How many images will we recieve?” vcmp_faq_title_size=”18″]I will give you as many images as I can. In most weddings I photograph, I can generate just over 1000 images. Sure there is some redundancy- for example, you very well may have 10 images of you walking down the aisle- but who am I to say you shouldn’t get all the images I photographed. Of course, I’ll be sure to leave out the ones that are less than desirable. But it’s your wedding day…and you deserve as many of the best images I can take for you.

[/vcmp_afaq_content][vcmp_afaq_content vcmp_faq_title=”Can We Print Our Photos?” vcmp_faq_title_size=”18″]Of course, you can print your wedding photographs. Actually, I encourage it. I often take images to Walmart, and Costco and have them developed. In fact, in my wedding photography contract, I ensure that it states you have absolute rights to print and share the wedding photographs that you love so much![/vcmp_afaq_content][vcmp_afaq_content vcmp_faq_title=”Do You Rely On a Shoot List” vcmp_faq_title_size=”18″ vcmp_faq_content_size=”14″]No, I don’t. When you photograph 25+ weddings for the last 15 years… that’s a lot of weddings. I’d like to think I’m well versed in what shots you’d have on that list. But in reality, I am proud to say that I’m very in touch with my couple. And the lines of communication are open. I’m always open to photographing whoever, and whatever you’d like. It’s your day. So what I do suggest rather, is to inform that loved one that you want to ensure that they stick around for the family portrait session. This way they know what’s expected, and when I see them on scene, I’m sure to include them.

[/vcmp_afaq_content][vcmp_afaq_content vcmp_faq_title=”How Long Will It Take to Get our Photos?” vcmp_faq_title_size=”18″ vcmp_faq_content_size=”14″]You will have your wedding images back within 30 days of your wedding. I guarantee it!


[/vcmp_afaq_content][vcmp_afaq_content vcmp_faq_title=”Will Our Images Be Edited?” vcmp_faq_title_size=”18″ vcmp_faq_content_size=”14″]Yes. Every Image that I take will be hand edited for colour correctness (white balance or skin tones) and cropping/straightness. I will not remove blemishes and things like this for a number of reasons, but mainly because there are just too many images to have that correction applied to. If there was something on your skin (like a blemish or a tattoo) that needed hiding, I feel that’s something your make-up artist would address.



[/vcmp_afaq_content][vcmp_afaq_content vcmp_faq_title=”Will Our Images Be Edited?” vcmp_faq_title_size=”18″ vcmp_faq_content_size=”14″]Yes. Every Image that I take will be hand edited for colour correctness (white balance or skin tones) and cropping/straightness. I will not remove blemishes and things like this for a number of reasons, but mainly because there are just too many images to have that correction applied to. If there was something on your skin (like a blemish or a tattoo) that needed hiding, I feel that’s something your make-up artist would address.



[/vcmp_afaq_content][vcmp_afaq_content vcmp_faq_title=”Do We Get an Online Gallery” vcmp_faq_title_size=”18″ vcmp_faq_content_size=”14″]Indeed I do have wedding photography packages that include the Online Gallery your talking about. I think it’s a great way to showcase your day and keep people talking about what an amazing day it was. And for alot of bride and grooms, the day goes by so fast, there is so much that they missed. This gallery allows them a chance to relive their greatest day, almost immediately after their wedding!




[/vcmp_afaq_content][vcmp_afaq_content vcmp_faq_title=”Do You Require a Deposit?” vcmp_faq_title_size=”18″ vcmp_faq_content_size=”14″]Yes, a $200 non-refundable retainer is required to secure my wedding photography services for your day.





[/vcmp_afaq_content][vcmp_afaq_content vcmp_faq_title=”What Methods of Payment Do You Accept?” vcmp_faq_title_size=”18″ vcmp_faq_content_size=”14″]Deposits and payments can be made by cheque, cash and E Transfer. All balances are due on the wedding day or day or shoot.






[/vcmp_afaq_content][vcmp_afaq_content vcmp_faq_title=”Do You Use a 2nd Shooter?” vcmp_faq_title_size=”18″ vcmp_faq_content_size=”14″]No, I don’t. Once a year, I get the request to use a 2nd shooter but in truth, I’m just not comfortable with it. Some photographers use it as a justification to charge the money they do. My thought process is that I am confident in what I photograph. I photograph 25+ weddings a year, and while each event is unique…. there is a lot of things that are similar. When you photograph as many weddings as I have, you can predict moments, and thus anticipate for them. That means I must watch, listen, and move quickly. And a great wedding photographer won’t miss any moments.
I also find that when I have used a 2nd photographer, my couple gets double the images… which might appear to be a great thing… but when it’s beyond redundant, it comes off as excessive. A great photographer will document or photograph what’s needed and then some more. I easily create 1000+ images for my couples. How many more should you have… and at what cost?
Even though every magazine or website says you should hire a 2nd photographer… I would rather hire a great wedding photographer than two photographers who want to try a wedding. It’s that simple!







[/vcmp_afaq_content][vcmp_afaq_content vcmp_faq_title=”What If It Rains On Our Day?” vcmp_faq_title_size=”18″ vcmp_faq_content_size=”14″]You get wet. lol. In truth, there isn’t much I can do if it rains. And I totally understand that if it rains, it will be difficult to achieve those wedding images you always dreamed of. And I totally don’t want my gear being out in the rain either. Having said that… I am game as long as you are for whatever photographs we can muster. If you are truly concerned about the weather, I advise looking into an indoor facility such as Willistead Manor, The Art Gallery of Windsor, and others. Of course, they aren’t free.. but it’s a better alternative than getting soaked on your wedding day.








[/vcmp_afaq_content][vcmp_afaq_content vcmp_faq_title=”Do You Have Insurance?” vcmp_faq_title_size=”18″ vcmp_faq_content_size=”14″]Yes! We have liability coverage and our property and equipment are also insured.









[/vcmp_afaq_content][vcmp_afaq_content vcmp_faq_title=”Do You Photograph Anything Else Other Than Weddings?” vcmp_faq_title_size=”18″ vcmp_faq_content_size=”14″]I do photograph things other than weddings, but my photography solely revolves around people… and showing the connection between as a couple. So while I’m a wedding photographer, I also love photographing maternity sessions and engagement sessions etc.
Recently, I began a photography division shooting sports (athletic) portraits…  To see some my work there visit my DraftPics site:










[/vcmp_afaq_content][vcmp_afaq_content vcmp_faq_title=”If We Have More Questions, How do We Get A Hold Of You?” vcmp_faq_title_size=”18″ vcmp_faq_content_size=”14″]Oh that’s easy! You can find me on Facebook, or feel free to email me here.











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