Engagement Session: Show Me The Love

[vc_row row_type=”full_width” type=”container” bg_select=”bg_parallax” parallax_speed=”4″ parallax_img=”2382″ parallax_overlay=”rgba(255,255,255,0.79)” p_top=”100″][vc_column width=”2/3″][wbc_heading tag=”h1″ title=”Engagement Sessions: Show Me the Love” font_size=”45″][vc_column_text]First and foremost, you should have an engagement session done because it’s fun. You get to pamper yourself and dress up and here’s the best part … you get to snuggle and kiss your best friend for a good hour or so. Engagement sessions also serve as prime bonding time for you two. In fact, many of the couples I photograph tell me that […]

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Mike Elford The Windsor Wedding Photographer

Engagement Ideas

[vc_row full_height=”yes” row_align=”align_middle” row_type=”full_width” type=”container” bg_select=”bg_parallax” parallax_speed=”4″ parallax_img=”2253″ parallax_overlay=”rgba(5,5,5,0.8)”][vc_column width=”2/3″][wbc_heading tag=”h3″ heading_style=”heading-1″ title=”MAKE YOUR E SESSION SPECIAL” font_size=”30″ color=”#ffffff”][wbc_heading tag=”h1″ heading_style=”heading-3″ sm_font_size=”55″ xs_font_size=”35″ title=”ENGAGEMENT SESSION |IDEAS|” font_size=”65″ color=”#ffffff” max_width=”500″ line_height=”60″ m_bottom=”20″][wbc_heading tag=”div” title=”Clothing – If you are super into sports, you can dress up in your favorite team’s jerseys or other team swag. If you’re having a vintage wedding, you can go along with that theme with your attire. If you like to dress up and go dancing, you can […]

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