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Below are some of the my wedding photography frequently asked  questions.
Hopefully, I answer them in enough detail for you, however, if you need more clarity,
OR would like to ask another question that maybe I missed….
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My style of wedding photography ensures I photograph everything. Because in the moment, I may not truly understand the dynamic within your family, (and each family is unique of course) I need to ensure that I photograph everything and everyone. And with that in mind, I feel it’s my responsibility to deliver each and every image to you. Some photographers like to hold back images in hopes that you will pay  extra for them. That is not how I work. If I photographed it, I will deliver it. At some point, it very well may be too many images, but who am I to say you have too many images? I want you to have all the images possible, and love each and every one of them.

Of course! I want you to love your images. I’d love for you to post them, share them, print them etc. My contract gives all the details regarding this, but essentially, you have free reign to do what you like with your images. In the contract it also states that I can also print them, and share them within my site or studio showcase etc. And I believe if you love the images, you will want to post share and print… and I too will do the same!

Usually, I have have your images ready for pickup or mailout within 30 days of your wedding. If you take a look at the Diamond Package I offer you will see that I ensure you’ll recieve your images within 60 days. But in truth no one picks that package anyhow, so 3o days it is 🙂

When you’re booked each weekend as I am, there is a sense of urgency to edit and produce each wedding collection. Of course, it means less TV time, and less time for nonsense, but the stress of falling behind just isn’t worth it. I know you’re excited to receive them, and I am excited to be able to deliver them. It’s just another aspect to providing the Ultimate Wedding Photography Experience!

Yes, each and every image will be edited to ensure it’s straight and cropped correctly. Also I will ensure the white balance is proper… meaning the brides dress is white. If you take a moment to look at other photographers who photograph weddings in this area, some of them post images of the dress being yellow or blue… Also you may notice that their skin tones are not correct either.

My editing ensures those tones are correct. I will not remove blemishes and tattoos and such. I just don’t have time to go through a thousand images removing a blemish.  And of course, I don’t charge you do it either. My images will showcase just how beautiful you naturally were on your wedding day!

No. I never offer a 2nd photographer. Of course, if your reading wedding magazines and such they illustrate the need to demand a 2nd wedding photographer. But I disagree completely. If your hiring a professional wedding photographer, and paying good money for one….. they won’t flake out on you. Seriously, it’s thats the concern for having the 2nd photographer is because they may not show up… that’s nore really hiring 2 photographers is it? That’s hiring one photographer in case the other one doesn’t make it.

My school of thought about 2nd photographers is this: When you hire me, as your not going to get a 2nd photographer, I know it’s soley on me to photograph everything on your day. It means I have to hustle. I have to be alert… I have to listen. I have to watch and study my environment, so I don’t miss a moment. And when you do it every weekend as I do, you get used to it. It’s no longer a hustle when you do it each and every weekend. It becomes a way of life.  Have a look at this blog post for more info

The Platinum Package offers coverage of the bride getting ready yes. Detail shots such as the shoes, dress, jewlery and the flowers will take place at this time. I do not photograph the boys however. I will however photograph the boys and their details at the church prior to the ceremony.

Indeed I do have wedding photography packages that include the Online Gallery your talking about. I think it’s a great way to showcase your day and keep people talking about what an amazing day it was. And for alot of bride and grooms, the day goes by so fast, there is so much that they missed. This gallery allows them a chance to relive their greatest day, almost immediately after their wedding!

Each package offers different hours of wedding photography coverage. The number of hours isn’t as important to me as I can still only photograph one wedding a day. I would love however, if you can send me home sometime around 9pm. In my younger days I decided to stay till 11pm and what that really equates to a 2am final wind down for me. I may be getting to old for that. Regardless, the number of hours we can negotiate on a case by case basis.

No, I don’t. When you photograph 25+ weddings for the last 15 years… that’s a lot of weddings. I’d like to think I’m well versed in what shots you’d have on that list. But in reality, I am proud to say that I’m very in touch with my couple. And the lines of communication are open. I’m always open to photographing whoever, and whatever you’d like. It’s your day. So what I do suggest rather, is to inform that loved one that you want to ensure that they stick around for the family portrait session. This way they know what’s expected, and when I see them on scene, I’m sure to include them.

Yes! We have liability coverage and our property and equipment are also insured.

Thank you for your desire to book me to photograph your wedding day. Please email or call me to book an appointment for us to meet and discuss your plans etc. I cannot book your day without meeting you. I believe making a commitment to have me photograph your wedding, and of course me commiting to photograph your wedding… I feel it’s imperitive that we meet. We need to ensure it’s the right fit for all three of us.
And of course, when your ready to book,  a retainer fee of $200 is required.

You can make payments via cash, debit (tap or chip) and most major credit cards. Cheques are welcome as well. Please note that if paying my a credit card, you will be face a 4% surchage. Payments can be made at any point throughout the process, but final payment must be made on your wedding day. Failure to make that final payment on your wedding day will cause a $200 fee added to the balance.

No I am not. Of course, I understand how to use natural light. But I believe that as a wedding photographer you have to be well versed in using flashes and such to properly light a subject or scene.  In my opinion a true natural light photographer won’t be very succcessful on a wedding day. More on this subject at a later time.

I believe my style is a mixture of traditional posing and today’s current photojournalism trends. I think don’t think any one style is better than another, and thus I combine all styles to get the job done. To learn more about photographic styles and how I use them all… click here.

Yes. I recently started up a sports player portrait company called DraftPics  I take alot of the basic principles that made my wedding photography business popular and built DraftPics around them. It focuses primarily on inspiring DraftPics athletes to be better both on and off the field via my photography.
But I don’t photograph anything else outside of that. No cars, no models, no landscape photography for me.

No I do not offer videography of any sorts.

Of course! Over the years I have met many vendors that are spectacular at their job. Some of them I have worked with many many times and truly love their passion for their craft.

If you need any of these wedding professionals, please be sure to check them out, and of course i would love for you to tell them I sent you.

Wedding Officiants – Royal Wedding Gardens -Murray & Gloria Steacy 

Wedding DJ- Dynamic Sound- Dale Gadoury

Wedding Videography-Michael James Videography 

Wedding Decorator-Jacob’s Flowers-Leslie Costa

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You get wet. lol. In truth, there isn’t much I can do if it rains. And I totally understand that if it rains, it will be difficult to achieve those wedding images you always dreamed of. And I totally don’t want my gear being out in the rain either. Having said that… I am game as long as you are for whatever photographs we can muster. If you are truly concerned about the weather, I advise looking into an indoor facility such as Willistead Manor, The Art Gallery of Windsor, and others. Of course, they aren’t free.. but it’s a better alternative than getting soaked on your wedding day.

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