Just over 50% of my wedding couples are taking advantage of a First Look... is it the right choice for you?

When planning your wedding day timeling, something to consider is a “First Look”. In this scenario, you would see your better half at some point prior to the ceremony. There are a number of advantages to doing something like this… but it’s important that you as a couple, your family and your wedding photographer are all on the same page.
Here are some Pro’s and the Con’s.

First Look Pro's

  • Saves Time – Having a First Look allow the ceremony to roll right into the reception, without the traditional multi hour delay that keeps your guests from waiting (getting bored)
  • Ensure you look your very best – Having your first look before the ceremony means your hair and makeup is as perfect as it was meant to be. 
  • Truly Emotional – If you ladies are looking for a big reaction from your guy when he sees you coming down the aisle. It’s likely not going to happen. Too much anxiety, and pressure usually prevents guys from showing how he may really feel. But taking advantage of a first look allows you to have an intimate and personal first moments.

First Look Con's

  • Against Tradition – some families will look down on the non traditional concept of seeing each other before the ceremony
  • Start Earlier – May seem like you have to be dressed and ready earlier – but in reality your just re arranging time blocks
  • Take a Break – Some older folks might like the break between ceremony and reception to visit, or rest back at the hotel etc.


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