mike elford the windsorwedding photographer

[vc_row row_type=”full_width” type=”container” bg_select=”bg_color_section” p_top=”70″ anchor=”about”][vc_column width=”1/2″][vc_single_image image=”2157″ img_size=”full” alignment=”center” onclick=”link_image”][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/2″][vc_empty_space height=”35″][wbc_heading tag=”h1″ heading_style=”heading-1″ title=”MIKE ELFORD | FATHER | HUSBAND” font_size=”25″ m_bottom=”-5″][vc_empty_space height=”15″][wbc_heading tag=”h3″ heading_style=”heading-2″ title=”A little more insight into the personal life of The Windsor Wedding Photographer Mike Elford” font_size=”18″ m_bottom=”25″][vc_column_text]Growing up, I lived a normal life. A life of hockey and baseball. Riding my bike, and playing road hockey. In hockey I was played goal. I thrived on being depended on. I knew that if we were to win, it was up to me to make those big stops. And I did alright for myself. Baseball was much the same… this time playing catcher. Essentially it was right in the wheelhouse of playing goal. I played hockey all year round. And I was pretty good.
But it wasn’t my dream. My dream was to be a police officer. I wanted to be a police officer right here in my hometown. So I lived a straight life, rarely finding trouble, thinking that would get me to the “promise land”. When I was 17, I co-oped at the Jefferson police station. It was a fantastic experience as I have a lifetime of stories and lessons learned from there. Those 5 months were definitely among the top 5 moments in my life.

For a number of reasons the dream was not to be, and I had to followup on another passion of mine Car Audio. I tinkered with Car Audio systems all through high school and eventually it became a career for me. 25 years later it still pays the bills and allows my family to live a good life. It’s incredible to be able to have a passion pay the bills. And that’s what Car Audio has given me.

I met my wife Stacie in the spring of 1997. It was at a little house party, although rumours are abound that it was a set up. I wasn’t in the right frame of mind at the time to see the set up for what it was. So it was pretty casual. Of course she was beautiful, but it was a serious of “chance” encounters or events that made me really think… is this the one? Remember, I think my life is a Tv Show and she was placed wonderfully in the story line.
A few years later, in 2001 we had Samantha, and my life was forever changed. I always wanted to be a father.. a role model (Is that why I wanted to be a cop?) And now it was true. Samantha was a great kid. Being first time parents was a wonderful experience… so we did it again 🙂 Steven was born in 2005. It is amazing to have both the boy and girl…. of course Stacie wanted to push her luck…. I was content with just 2… they were perfect. Why would we take another chance? Stacie should play the lottery as we had Addison in 2007. And she is amazing. I so blessed to have three wonderful, beautiful children. It’s been amazing to see how they grow, and develop their own personalities. They truly amazing me at ever corner.



Quick Facts: 

Favorite Movie- Back to the Future
Favorite Singer- Will Smith
Favorite Moment- My Wedding
Favorite Food- Cheese Burger
Favorite Drink – Diet Dr. Pepper

Personality Traits- if you understand this… my 5 Strengths are 1) Arranger 2) Maximizer 3) Individualization 4) Strategic 5) Relator

What these mean is that I love to plan and prepare for whatever is to come. (Arranger) I love the process and the organization of efficiency. The team Maximizer means that when I do something well, I will always chase it, and modify it to find a way to do it even better the next time. It never ends for a Maximizer like myself. Individualiation means that I’m really good at separating or isolating situations. Meaning that I’m really good at concentrating on  a specific thing, not getting distracted by the big picture. I see alot of people get all worked up about “all of these things”. I’m really good at breaking them down one by one, and overcoming each as individual items. I think this helps me when I’m photographing a wedding. Strategic tells of how I’m a thinking always thinking about what happens if I make this decision … or that one. How will this all play out? It compliments the characteristic of Arranger very well. Lastly, I’m a relator… meaning I can learn of a situation, and I can understand it in a way that helps me stay calm. Usually, I can share a story of how or what I understand to be the situation to help others “see” what I’m seeing or thinking.

If you know me, you’ll see alot of these personality traits in how I act, how I speak and of course what I do. It’s who I am.
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mike elford the windsorwedding photographer

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