Engagement Sessions

When planning your wedding, please remember to plan for your Engagement Session. I believe It's an integral part of the planning process as it gives you an opportunity to see how I treat you. How I photograph. And you'll begin to further understand my sense of humour and such. For me, it's an opportunity to figure out who you, as a couple, and what makes you tick. Think of your E-Session as a trial run for your wedding. And remember, on your wedding day, my job as a wedding photographer is to showcase you at your very best. Joining me for this E-Session allows me to experiment without much risk.
It also promises to be fun. I've learned over the years that planning a wedding can be tiresome and stressful for some. Take a break and come out with me to any location you like and have some fun. In return, we'll create some images that even your mom will love. Usually, this time away from reality will allow you to relax and refocus so you get back to those planning items you've been putting off.

Engagement Gallery

A small sample of Iconic Engagement Images from Mike Elford | The Windsor Wedding Photographer



If inquiring about a wedding date, be sure to include the date in the subject line.
I should be able to respond to your inquiry within a few hours. Again, quick responses are all part of my Ultimate Wedding Photography Experience!


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