Mike Elford is The Windsor Wedding Photographer

Wedding: Felicia & Jared

Help Me Celebrate TheWEDDING OF FELICIA & JARED Finally, on June 26, 2021 I was able to join Felicia & Jared, along with their family and friends for some wedding portraits. Covid had interrupted their previous wedding plans so they actually had a small private wedding at their home. On this day, I'd begin at [...]
mike elford the windsor wedding photographer

Wedding: Csilla & Wayne

Let's Celebrate theWEDDING OF WAYNE & CSILLACity Hall weddings are fantastic when love is in the air! On June 25, 2021 I joined Wayne & Csilla at City Hall to photograph their wedding. Wayne & Csilla had another date planned  but Covid put a damper on that. So, joined by their children we all gathered [...]
Mike Elford | The Windsor Wedding Photographer

Wedding: Ali & Matt

The WeddingOf Matt N AliLet's all celebrate together! On May 29, I joined Matt & Ali along with their closest friends and family to take in their wedding.  It was a secluded and private affair housed within a relatives beautiful back yard. Back yard weddings are always fun for me as I never know what [...]
Mike Elford | The Windsor Wedding Photographer

Wedding Day Coverage

YOURWEDDING DAY COVERAGEWHAT I PHOTOGRAPH ON YOUR BIG DAY... I am often with you from the late morning of your wedding day to the late evening hours of your reception. But don’t worry, I promise not to be all in your face paparazzo style the whole time. For most of your day, you'll hardly even [...]
Mike Elford The Windsor Wedding Photographer

Wedding Photography: Posing or Directing

Wedding PhotographyIS IT POSING OR DIRECTING? I have always taken pride in saying that I don't "pose" my brides. And it.s true. But I do direct. And there is a difference! To begin, I do not bring a shot list. I don't. I'll post an article about that at some point, but here's my thinking [...]

2nd Shooter (back up wedding photographer)

WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY &WHY YOU NEED A 2ND SHOOTERIf you read any wedding magazine or wedding blog, they will always advise you to get a 2nd wedding photographer. Essentially, you'll have the main photographer, and a second shooter. A second shooter is an additional photographer who is there to cover the wedding as well. Here is [...]

Should you feed your wedding photographer?

SHOULD YOUFEED YOUR WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER? A wedding typically lasts 10 to 12 hours. If am photographing getting ready shots and am there all day, I'll try to eat a big breakfast before arriving there, but that only lasts so long. Often I am running around like crazy all day trying to cover the every detail [...]

Do You Need a Make Up Artist

MAKE UP ARTISTDO YOU REALLY NEED AN MUA?Customer comes first, we love creating tasty cupcakes for you to enjoy! As wedding photographers we often refer to professional Make Up Artists as MUA's. So from here own out, we'll call them MUA's :) Even though you’re great at doing your own makeup, a MUA can do [...]


ENGAGEMENT SESSIONSPDA IS A OK! Engagement sessions are about love and romance and the chemistry between the engaged couple eagerly awaiting their wedding. It’s only natural that with love comes PDA. That’s right, folks: public displays of affection. Don’t worry, I don’t mean I’m going to have you completely grope each other during your session [...]


Communicating with my wedding couples is a huge part of what I love so much about my business. I remain friends with many of my clients long after I’ve finished their wedding collection (and enjoy continuing to document their lives!). I want to be here for you in every way possible. I encourage you to ask questions, suggest ideas, and play a hands-on role in the planning process. The following is a list of ways to get ahold of me, so you always know you are always cared for.



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