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I’ve always felt my life was a television show. Somewhat like the Truman show, starring Jim Carrey, but in this case, I know I’m in this show. It’s you all who have no idea the part your playing in it. It’s a wonderful show, rather an incredible life. It’s a go go go lifestyle, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. For me, I hope to make a real impact on those who come into my life. I have so many stories, so many laughs…. One motto I live by is a saying.. “Everywhere You Go, Always Bring the Weather. My interpretation is that everyone loves the sunny day… and we all dislike the rain and the clouds. So do your part to always bring that sunshine, and let it shine on everyone you meet.

So that’s what I’m about.. please check out the many facets of my life below:

mike elford the windsor wedding photographer


It’s amazing to me when I look back, reminiscing about my photography story. How it started, where it’s taken me, and how this photography world has impacted my life. It’s just amazing. My journey as a photographer started 20 years ago with the arrival of my firstborn Samantha. I vowed to document everything in her life. Every breath. I was so proud…. I still am of course. I always had my camera with me. To learn more about what motivated me to become a wedding photographer, please click here.

mike elford the windsor wedding photographer


For me, life is extremely busy. I’m always on the go… and I wouldn’t have it any other way. My most valuable asset is time. And when I’m not working the day job or photographing someone… I can be found hanging with my wife Stacie and our three kids – Samantha (20) Steven (16) and Addison (14). I’m so fortunate to have a life where each of my kids is unique and inspires me in different ways. To learn more about my family, and how we all get along.. please click here.

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The Wedding Photography season typically finishes for me at the end of October. This gives me two weeks to complete any photography projects or to relax and recoup before a busy Santa Season begins. That’s right I am Santa Claus. You can find me at 46+ events beginning in mid-October, and continuing right up until Christmas Eve!

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About The Wedding Photographer

Mike Elford
Mike Elford | The Windsor Wedding Photographer first photographed his first wedding back in 2004. Over the next 17 years, Mike would go on to really key in on what his Bride and Groom clients truly desired. Originally, he thought they came to him after seeing some of the amazing wedding images he photographed. But what he quickly realized is that Mike's clients choose him because of how immediately comfortable they felt upon meeting him. They knew right away having Mike photograph their wedding was the right choice. Along with great images, it just felt right to be photographed by Mike. Doing things just a little bit different, or a little better than the other wedding photographers is just the beginning when you choose Mike. It truly is The Ultimate Wedding Photography Experience!
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Communicating with my wedding couples is a huge part of what I love so much about my business. I remain friends with many of my clients long after I’ve finished their wedding collection (and enjoy continuing to document their lives!). I want to be here for you in every way possible. I encourage you to ask questions, suggest ideas, and play a hands-on role in the planning process. The following is a list of ways to get ahold of me, so you always know you are always cared for.



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