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What Would It Be Like

Something that was on my mind this morning, is how I answered the question “As a wedding photographer, how do you make your brides comfortable on their wedding day?”. And I paused for a moment before answering…thinking about all the times I came busting into the room making a scene and just generally causing a disturbance.

And there wasn’t any!

Because it’s never happened!

In answering the question, I reflected back on what does happen and how I do things upon entering the area where my bride is getting ready. Typically, most folks are in various states or readiness, and usually my bride is one of the first people I see. It’s not that I went looking for her, rather she is just as excited to see me as I am her. It’s a trust, or an excitement…maybe even a respect she’s developed for me that puts her mind at ease. In return, I’m just as excited and pumped if you will to really rock her day. And that started when she hired me to be her wedding photographer!.

But not everyone in that room has the same feeling towards me.. Not immediately anyhow. So to lower their guard, I immediately request the location of the bridal gown. It allows me to disappear for a bit, to calm myself (what you don’t think wedding photographers get nervous ???) And from there, the others in the room can seem working, as I set up the dress, the shoes and such for some of the necessary details that all brides want. Often, bridesmaids will stumble into the room to check out what I am doing.. and usually, they’ll love what they see.

And immediately, they see how serious I am about the job at hand. I’m a professional. This is my career!

But talk is cheap, and anyone can say anything right? SOOO to support my thoughts, I will embed a video below of myself and Carlos (Videographer) capturing some bridal portraits of Rita,

What Would it Be Like?