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The Canon Blast

The Canon Shot by Mike Elford | The Windsor Wedding Photographer

The Canon Shot by Mike Elford | The Windsor Wedding PhotographerKim & Joey asked me to join them as their wedding photographer in the Historic Town of Amherstburg Ontario. I love Amherstburg, I really do. And one the reasons is those darn Canon’s. The town has a ton of history, mostly related to the happenings during the war of 1812, which  centered in and around Fort Malden.

My day began at the Church, simply named Christ Church- which by the way was the church used by the soldiers on 1812.

And as I rolled into the parking lot beside the church, I heard the first blast… a canon shot. I got goosebumps as it echo’d through the town. Various organizations often preform demonstrations including firing canon’s to keep the history of Amherstburg’s impact on the war of 1812 alive and well.


I love seeing the blasts…. and hearing them off in the distance, was almost as good!

After the ceremony, we left Christ Church, and headed to the Kings Navy Yard in Amherstburg. We were short on time for pictures and as we were leaving, one of those demonstrator’s firing the canon, came towards us. He explained that as he “interrupted” our picture taken, he “insists” that we fire the canon’s last shot of the day.  Kim was hesitant as she was focused on getting to the hall to ensure that everything was ready for the reception…. Joey, an avid hunter began to grin.. And the wedding party was game of course…

And I was going to lose my mind!!!

So Kim fell to the pressure of her wedding photographer, the wedding party and of course her groom Joey….



Why do I love this image?

  1. A moment like this will rarely be seen again. Seriously, as a wedding photographer, I’m always trying to separate myself from my competition. I want to be the best. And sometimes, the best means doing something that no one else can (or has) And in this image, I believe it’s an incredibly rare opportunity…and fortunately I was able to capitalize and rock the image.
  2. I have always said, I don’t believe in luck. I believe that it’s all about when preparation meets opportunity… You have to be ready when duty calls. And I was ready. I had the Canon 5D’s burst mode on, and I was ready to rock. But I almost missed my moment. I had no idea how long it would take to light the fuse, and then ultimately fire the canon blast. So when they put the igniter to the canon, I began to shoot…. and about 5 seconds later, and some 20 images later, nothing had happened.And it looked like this….  And now the buffer was getting full, and I was shooting slower…
    Finally, the blast went off, and I was able to capture a moment just after the blast occurred. Here is that image.

Looking back, I’m so very happy that I was able to capture something with this blast. While I was wish I could have had Joey remove the shades for the image, for a  wedding photographer, there isn’t a much better opportunity.

And of course, the finalized version of the image, is a mixture of the before and after the blast, with a bit warmth added. Check it out below.  It’s pretty spectacular, and definately part of last years greatest shots!

The Canon Shot by Mike Elford | The Windsor Wedding Photographer