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Satin & Savvy Wedding Show

On Sunday Feb 12, I took part in the Satin & Savvy Wedding Show, an event to instruct brides (and grooms) about the ins and outs of the wedding industry. Things to pay attention to, the proper questions to ask etc. All with the intention of making the wedding planning process go more smoothly and maybe… just maybe even fun!

The thing about this show, is that there was only one vendor per category. So for example, at this show, I was the Wedding Photographer Expert. And after a brief introduction, I would be available for questions from the crowd.  And I was thrilled that crowd actually did have questions for me. Hopefully, I answered them in a suitable fashion. Sometimes, especially with me, I can relate a given question to an experience I’ve had… and I want to share that story as an illustration to support the answer I’m giving. But I also have to be aware of and try my best not to get off topic etc.

But I had a great time! Hopefully, the folks that came to the event enjoyed it as well. Of course, if there are any questions you’d like to ask… about wedding photography or otherwise, please feel free to contact me . To contact Candice, the creator of the show… please visit

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