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Chris & Brenna Engagement Session

Yesterday I joined Chris and Brenna for a an hour or so, to capture their engagement session. Originally, I had met both when I was the wedding photographer for Gillian & Manuel (Chris’ Brother) And when they inquired about having me come and photograph their wedding day… I was estatic! All 4 of these folks are fantastic and fun!. 

So for the e session, we met at Jackson Park. On this morning, it was cold with a downpour or sleet/snow. Chris loved it. Brenna was alright with it… I was freezing lol. Fortunately, by the end of the session, Chris admitted he too was getting chilly!

While the snow/sleet mix limited some of what we could do out there at Jackson Park, I feel quite proud of all that we captured I believe it really prepared Chris & Brenna for some of what it will be like on their wedding day. And for me, I feel really good about the images as I believe we captured some of the heat, the chemistry and the fun between these two.

Below are some images, hope you love them!