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Everybody Has a Story

My name is Mike Elford, I was born and raised right here in Windsor Ontario. I’m 42, married (Stacie) with three kids. (Samantha 15, Steven 11, Addison 9) Life is great, very busy, but great. And I wouldn’t have it any other way. I love to laugh, teach and inspire. In fact, one of my favorite phrases, which I’ve tried to make a motto of mine… “Everywhere You Go, Always take the Weather with You!  For me, that means to ensure you leave your mark on someone, leaving them warm and fuzzy. I’ve found it to be very successful for me in the various phases of my life- which really is divided in about 3 ways…Family, Wedding Photography, and Santa Claus.  To learn more about each, click the image below.

Mike Elford

The Windsor Wedding Photographer

Santa Claus

Bring'r o' Joy

Mike Elford

Husband, Father, Family Man