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2016 Wedding Photography a Look Back

Some photographers prefer to look back at the past year upon the season’s end… but for me, I just want the break. It sounds terrible I’m sure, but bear with me for a moment. I photographed 23 weddings last year,  met with my 2017 and 2018 clients as needed, then went and photographed portrait sessions, and engagement sessions almost every weekend. Oh and remember that I work a fulltime day job, and still find time to be a father, and husband to my wife and three kids.

Life is busy. And when the Wedding Photography Season begins to wind down, the Santa Claus Season is just getting started. I did 43 appearances in 6 weeks leading up to the holidays this past year. To put that into perspective, I photographed the wedding of Ashley and Justin on November 8, and the very next weekend I was standing on a float ready to be the main attraction in the Kingsville Festival of Lights.

But, with my first wedding of 2017 fast approaching- Adam & Michelle… I find myself planning, dreaming, and again being inspired!  And as they always say…. “To Know Where You’re Going…. You have to Know Where You’ve Been.

And with that in mind, I’m going to go through some of my favorite images from the 2016 Wedding Photography season… one image per post.

  • Laura & Marcus’ Wedding…. Laura’s Spectacular Entrance
  • Jonathan & Zena’s Wedding…. The Incredible Party
  • Kim & Joey’s Wedding…. The Canon Shot
  • Chad & Rebecca’s Wedding…. The Covered Bridge
  • Garth & Sarah’s Wedding…. Sunset is a Rockin’
  • Garth & Sarah’s Wedding…. Guns Guns Guns
  • Milka & Jordan’s Wedding…. Steaming Hot
  • Chris & Megan’s Wedding…. Mr Emotional
  • Chris & Megan’s Wedding… Dance with Grandma