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Wedding Photography

Is About More Than Just Great Images.... It's The Ultimate Experience!

Congratulations on your engagement. Hopefully your having fun planning and dreaming up that amazing wedding day that you deserve. There is alot to consider, from choosing your venue, your decorator, the DJ and of course the photographer. In fact, choosing your photographer might be the biggest decision you make, as the wedding photographer is the only one who will document and capture all the other details you’ve worked so hard putting together for months and months.

I believe many photographers will be able to get you some good images…. while wedding photographers should be able to get you great images. But what if I can get you those great images and give you more. From the general look and feel of this website, to the response time from your email inquiry… it’s all translates into what the end product will look like.

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But not all photographers are the same. In fact not all photographers are wedding photographers. Sure anyone can photograph a wedding… but not everyone should photograph your wedding.

And for me, giving you the Ultimate Wedding Photography Experience is about so much more than just delivering great images.  Read on to learn what makes me stand above the rest of the wedding photographers in and around Windsor – Essex County.

Here is What Makes Me Different

I’m Mike Elford a veteran wedding photographer of the Windsor – Essex County Area. I photographed first wedding in 2003 and nowadays I photograph well over 20 each year.

Brides are often drawn to me because of the great images they’ve seen. But after meeting me I’ve learned that they immediately feel comfortable and trust me. And it’s this trust, this comfort level that translates into great images.
It’s no secret that the key to my delivering great images each and every time is due to my ability to connect with my couple, and their ability to trust me and feel comfortable.

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Truth is, you’re hiring a wedding photographer to photograph your wedding. To capture great moments, and generate great memories that will last a lifetime. Great Images should be important to you! Those images are most important to me as well.
My goal is to anticipate, or create moments within those images that you’ll want to print, canvas and hang on your wall. Still not sure? Check out this gallery or continue browsing the site to learn what I do for my wedding couples

When it comes to your wedding photographs, I believe that you deserve to have them all. If I took them of your day, you should get them. All images are post-processed and archived on a custom-designed Wedding Day Image Disc. Having more images means you have a more detailed documentation of your special day, and with all the planning that went into it, you deserve it! Many brides have commented on how beautiful these discs are, and that’s just another way I deliver to you, the Ultimate Wedding Photography Experience!

After your wedding, most of your guests return to work or school, etc. But they are still talking about how wonderful your day was! With my Online Gallery, they can support their stories, with images from your day. Within 72 hours of your wedding, I’ll have images loaded online, for your friends and family to relive all the very best moments. Each night, more images will appear in your gallery, which will keep the conversation about your wedding day going. Let’s be honest, why should the party stop at the end of the night. With your Online Gallery, your day never ends!

Often times, guest have trouble accessing online galleries. To eliminate this hassle, and make your images more accessible, I hand out custom-made address cards, at your reception, that will share the exact address for your Online Gallery. No need for a password or anything like that when you have a direct link. Only the guests at your wedding will have that direct link, and another token of your big day for them to take home with them that night!

This is my Wedding Day Signing Matte. You’ve likely seen something similar to this – a matte that your guests sign or send best wishes. But what I do is rather than have an engagement image in your matte, I’ll have a portrait – from your wedding- in place for your guests to sign around. It really is just amazing… and your guests will love it. Of course, you’ll be able to take it home at the end of the night. It’s really neat, when you have guests over years later, and they gather around your Wedding Day Signing Matte reading the well wishes, and recapping your day!
Just another example of how  I do more for my couples….

Indeed it truly is the Ultimate Wedding Photography Experience!

Remember that time someone subjected you to view hundreds and hundreds of their images…. Of course it was fun and exciting at first but I’d bet you lost your attention quickly.

In order to prevent for your friends and family overlooking your wedding images,  I’ll create a slideshow for you, showcasing the very best  images and moments of your wedding day. Compiled alongside the song of your choice, immediately the mood is set.
Not your average slideshow, you can check out a number of them here 

I’d love to be a part of your wedding day! To book me, send me an availability inquiry here . The retainer required is $200. This retainer, often referred as a deposit is non refundable as it locks in your event date. It also prevents your date from being given to another couple. Thus if you change your date, I’m will gladly accommodate your change as long as I am not previously booked etc.

From there, the balance of your wedding package price is due to be paid on your wedding day. Many couples express their desire to pay ahead of time, and that is completely up to you. I’m different from most vendors as they take their final payments a month or so before the event date.

And most importantly, I’ll have all your images edited and ready for delivery or pickup within one month of your wedding. It’s true, no waiting months and months like other wedding photographers.

Wedding Photography Packages

When searching for the right wedding photographer for you, be sure to really think about what is most important to you. Every wedding photographer has a different price, as well as a different style, and of course a different personality. Consider all options!

Be Comfortable...

I do believe you have to get along and have a bond with your photographer. In my case, I will be by your side more than anyone else on your wedding day. So we’d better get along. I often find myself calming my brides and their families. Ensuring everyone is ok and having fun. It’s supposed to be a great day…. for everyone involved! So you need to ensure you and your wedding photographer are completely comfortable with each other.

Great Images...

And of course the images! You need to have those great images. Please take your time to go through one’s portfolio to ensure you like what you see from your potential wedding photographer. And there should be more than just one wedding gallery presented in the main gallery. When it comes to me, I have over 50 images on my main gallery of weddings from all over. Some photographers thrive on matte effects, or the film look, while some thrive on a black n white etc. Some love (gimmicky) poses and props while some don’t. Be sure you love what they do!


I believe price is the least important of these, as let’s be honest, if you really want something, you’ll find a way to pay for it. Through payment plans, credit, or just plain hard work, you’ll find a way if you want something bad enough. So price cannot be at the top of importance.

Fill out the Contact Form Below to automatically receive an email with my package and pricing info. Please be sure to have taken some time to go through this site, and ensure you like what I do before filling out this form.

I will contact you within 36 hours to see if there is anything I can do to further your journey with me and the Ultimate Wedding Photography Experience!